Bags Under Eyes May Indicate Adrenal Fatigue

Are you one of those people who have bags under eyes all the time? Do your under-eye bags look similar than mine in the photo below? 

If yes, you have come to the right place. 

I was just 31 when that photo was taken and as you may guess, pretty determined to get rid of those bags. And I did, after I found out what caused them.  

Most articles about under-eye bags will tell you how sleeping positions, allergies and aging may cause the bags under eyes. But if you have constant under-eye bagging, it is probable that you are also suffering from a hormonal inbalance. 

Adrenal Fatigue Causes Bags Under Eyes

Thyroid and adrenal hormone problems cause fluctuations in your water balance, stretching the delicate skin under your eyes. As the skin stretches it starts to bag.

As both thyroid deficiency and adrenal fatigue cause metabolic stress, this type of under-eye bags are often accompanied by a dark and sunken blotch or stripe under the bags.  The hollows that appear under the eye-bag make this type of bags easily recognizable. Nowaways, I can spot people with hormonal problems with a glance.

Bags under eyes don't automatically indicate any serious medical condition, but all imbalances in thyroid and adrenal hormones will cause you to age faster.

Even minor imbalances that are not diagnosed as a deficiency can accelerate aging. Adrenal fatigue also makes you more deceptive to getting allergic reactions that can make the bagging even worse.

"How Do I Know If Hormonal Imbalance Is To Blame?"

If you are suspecting hormonal causes, look for the other signs of adrenal fatigue and thyroid deficiency:

  • Are you losing hair? 
  • Are you often tired? 
  • Are you gaining fat weight?
  • Do you have trouble sleeping?
  • Do you have back pain or muscle weakness?

There are plenty of sources where you can find lists of the most common symptoms for both adrenal fatigue and thyroid deficiency. Check yourself against them.

Treatments For Under-Eye Bags

The traditional "treatments" for bags under eyes include holding cold spoons or  cucumber slices against the under-eye skin to ease up the inflammation and swelling. The non-natural treatments include fillers to the sunken parts.

There is only one natural treatment for under-eye bags caused by hormonal imbalance. You'll need to heal from the imbalance and if needed, to do facial exercises to restore the under-eye area. 

It's a combination treatment. You'll not get long-lasting improvements with facial exercise, if your under-eye area still keeps swelling up every night. On the other hand, recovery from adrenal fatigue alone does not fix the bagging. Becoming healthy only prevents further damage and fixes the coloring. 

There are several good programs for recovering hormonal imbalances. I can warmly recommend Schwarzbein Principle, which addresses both adrenal fatigue and thyroid deficiency. When you heal, you'll restore your skin's abilities to rejuvenate itself and the darkness under your eyes disappears.

"Does this really work? Could I get rid of these bags?"

It really is possible to get rid the bags, but if they are caused by a hormonal imbalance, it may take a long time to heal. For me it took several years. Also, getting rid of the eye-bags was a small thing - I now have so much more energy!

If you want to see how Schwarbein Principle and facial exercises have worked for me, you should go to my Carolyn's Facial Fitness review page and scroll down until you see a collection of pictures throughout the years. From that one it's easy to see how my under-eye bags have changed after facial exercise.

If you have a hormonal imbalance, you must be very careful with facial exercise. Your skin cannot regenerate itself at normal rate. Bodily dryness is a common problem among people who suffer from Adrenal Fatigue so you must take extra care to keep your skin and under-eye area moisturized. 

If you have adrenal fatigue, you most probably have allergies or are oversensitive to some substances. Being exposed to those substances will continue to make your under-eyes get more hollow and dark, even if you are doing facial exercise. But unlike before, it will only be seasonal and the skin will normalize again after the reaction is gone. 

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