Carolyn's Facial Fitness Review

This is my review of Carolyn's Facial Fitness. Carolyn promises that her facial exercise program will do all kinds of wonders to make you look younger.

She promises you will get rid of:

  • Eye bags and dark circles
  • Double chin and sagging jowls
  • Wrinkled and sagging neck
  • Lines around your mouth, eyes and forehead
  • Nasolabial fold lines, by lifting up your cheeks
  • Tired look
  • Papery skin

But does Carolyn's Facial Fitness really work?

In my case the answer is yes. And I believe it will work for majority of people reading this.

My Experience In a Nutshell

If you don't have time to read the whole Carolyn's Facial Fitness review, I'll summarize my results here.

Before and after facial exercise

The before picture on the left was taken 14th of May, 2010.

The picture on the right was taken 24th of September, 1012, just a couple of days before I turn 36.

I have been doing Carolyn's Facial Fitness for 2½ years. Both pictures are taken in natural lighting without makeup (my brows have been dyed in the after picture and I'm wearing moisturizer). There are more pictures of me at the end of this page.

In my experience the program works for eye bags. It also works for tired look, and it definitely works for papery skin.

I do think I have some improvement in all the problem areas listed.

I'm especially happy with my eyes, they have really opened up. My atopic skin feels so much better. I weigh 1-2 pounds less now but my face looks much more slimmer than that.

Why not try it and see how it works for you? You can try out Carolyn's Facial Fitness for 30 days risk-free. You'll get your money back if you don't like it.

What Are Facial Exercises

Facial exercises are routines designed to tone and lift up your face. They will stretch and relax your facial muscles, while you get a gentle facial massage. They are often called also face yoga.

As you get older your muscles shorten and get more tense.

Facial exercises help you to release that tension and your wrinkles will slowly disappear. Your expressions will look more relaxed too.

Muscle activation/relaxation increases the nutrient flow to your facial tissues. That improves your skin's natural ability to regenerate itself. And that means more collagen and elastic fibers, so you'll look younger.

The massage that you get during exercise increases the lymphatic flow. Increase in lymphatic flow tones your face and removes extra puffiness.

It often takes at least 4-6 weeks to see any long-lasting improvement. However, your face starts to feel different right after the first exercise session. You'll feel better and more confident about your how you look.

Also note that your nutrition affects how effectively facial exercises work! Even if the nutrient flow to the tissues would be optimal, you will get suboptimal results if you are eating a nutrient-poor diet or have hormonal issues that use up the nutrients.

There is a ton of different facial exercise programs to choose from and the possible results vary from mild toning to clearly visible face-lift.

How Much Time And Effort Is Needed?

Carolyn's Facial Fitness takes only 15 minutes.

For the first three months you'll be exercising 5 times per week. After that, you'll be exercising:

  • 2-3 times per week if you are under 42
  • 3-5 times per week if you are over 42

As your face gets used to the exercise, you don't have to do it so often. Carolyn herself tells that she exercises only 2 times per week and she is over 65.

We are all unique and we have different trouble spots.

Carolyn encourages you to take before and after photos of yourself and send them to her after 4 months. She will then assign you some extra exercises based on your personal needs. That increases the time needed a bit.

I am in the middle of customizing my routine and at the moment and my exercise session takes a total of 25-30 minutes. But I still have to do the new exercises in the front of the mirror and keep the instructions at hand. They'll probably go faster later.

My Carolyn's Facial Fitness Review

I found Carolyn's Facial Fitness in the spring 2010. My family is not famous for aging gracefully, so I reached for the opportunity. I ordered the Full Kit from Carolyn's online shop. I live in Finland and it took about a week and a half to ship to me by mail.

Using Carolyn's Facial Fitness

I started by reading the Carolyn's Facial Fitness Instructions and Workbook. It explains the best way to learn the exercises.

Then I watched the DVD with 28 exercises. The DVD contains just the exercises.

Here is an example exercise clip - all the exercises are shown like this one. Carolyn is 59 years old in this clip.

When I did the exercises for the first time, they took me little over an hour to perform. I had to read the instructions and use the mirror.

Afterwards my face was sore but very relaxed. I could see and feel that my lips were plumper than normally and that I looked fresher. I was immediately hooked. Later on I did learn that those initial results don't show in the photos - they disappeared quite soon after you have finished the exercises. But they made a huge mental difference - I had hope again!

Most of the exercises were easy, like the Crow's Feet shown in the clip above, while couple of them were quite tricky. I just did not have enough muscle control to contract correct muscles separately. For some exercises, I did not have enough power to perform all repetitions.

But I could do them all and it did not take long to get better at them.

There are 28 exercises and at first I was worried that I would never remember them all - and thus would continue to use a lot of time for exercises. Fortunately, the kit contains a pacing CD that reads aloud the exercises and sets the correct speed for them.

This CD is a lifesafer. I have converted it into mp3 and always carry it in my mobile and laptop.

For couple of weeks I had to use the cheat sheets too, but after that I was able to do the exercises with the pacing CD only, laying on my back. It is important to perform the exercises laying down, as you don't have to fight gravity then and the exercises become more effective.

So it took me couple of weeks to learn how to do the exercises properly and after that they took me only 15 minutes per session.

Why Facial Exercises Work

There is a huge controversy around facial exercises, mostly because a lot of people think that they work by building facial muscles. But that theory has been debunked already.

Experts and scientists know that tense muscles and repeated expressions cause wrinkles. Most of your facial muscles don't get weak as you age, they get tense and short. Mid-face muscles are found to be in near-spasm in elderly people.

Experts agree that if there would be a way to relieve that tension and de-train muscles from their learned expression patterns, it would be a great way to fight wrinkles - but they don't often realize that facial exercises do just that.

Facial exercises stretch and relax your facial muscles. They make you more aware of extra muscle tension and your repeated expressions.

Due to this misunderstanding, you'll find articles claiming that facial exercises are a scam. In my experience facial exercises really work. At least this program does work. You'll find lots of before and after pictures of people who know this firsthand as I do.

I continued doing the exercises. I was lazy - I cannot recall performing them 5 times per week for more than 2-3 weeks. Since then, I've done them 3 times per week.

For the first 2 years, I did just the 28 exercises in the basic routine. There is an extra exercise called the Face Firmer that I should have done, but I forgot. That exercise is not in the pacing CD as it was a late addition to the program.

So I've done the least effort possible, yet I've gotten results.

I've also had some breaks, longest lasting for months. Eventually, I always feel my facial muscles get tense again and I return to the program. Each time I feel I get the results back faster.

All Facial Exercise Programs Need Customization

We are all unique. Unique to the point of having different facial muscles. For that reason, a single facial exercise program cannot cater for all.

Carolyn has realized this and she encourages everyone to take before and after pictures and customize their routine after 4 months.

It took 2 years until I finally decided the basic routine was not enough to fix my trouble spots. I had a fresher look and less wrinkles, but the area around my eyes continued to stay wrinkly and bulged. Also, my under-chin was not looking like I'd wanted it to. Of course, I have a little extra weight, but I was hoping for even more results.

So I contacted Carolyn for customizing my routine, even though I was a little worried if I'd get any support 2 years after buying the program.

I worried for nothing. I got back the most friendly and helpful customer support mail ever. She gave me brand new exercises to try out and I could see from her mails that she did her absolute best to help me. I was amazed.

My Results From Customization

With the extra targeted exercises I got the results I wanted fast forward.

Some of the new exercises were hard to learn. Again, it took me about two weeks to learn them. But after doing the new exercises it was obvious that I have had a spasm in the muscles around my eyes. When the spasms were gone my eyes were suddenly opening up. Now also the basic exercises work better.

I should also warn you that these new exercises affected my vision too. While it's nice that I see better now, it wasn't that nice when my vision was adjusting. I used to wear -5.0 glasses, now I'm wearing -4.0.


This program has given me the results that I wanted. Also, it feels really good to know that I have some control over how I age.

I was a bit disappointed that I did not get the gorgeous results with the base program only. But that was never promised, it was my own assumption and I should have contacted Carolyn 4 months after starting, not after 2 years!

There are plenty of great things about this program. It is easy and fast to learn. The Pacing CD ensures that it only takes 15 minutes. You will get wonderful and personal support.

Here are some more pictures of me over the years. As my problem area is the area around the eyes, these smiley pictures visualize it best.

Look at the area around my eyes. I have less eye-bags than I did in 2005!

The 2010 picture was taken about a half year after starting the exercises. Even though I'm squinting, you can already see some improvement.

The last picture was taken 6 weeks after customization.

Yes, my eyes really are that big now - they haven't been this big since I was 18!

Can Carolyn's Facial Fitness Work For You Too?

There is nothing special about me. Quite the contrary - due to my atopic skin I was to age faster than average. And yet here I am, telling you my story and asking myself: "Why doesn't everyone do this? Why don't they even try? What have they got to lose!"

I hope you decide to give facial exercises a chance, for your own sake. And it would be truly amazing if, one day, everyone knew about facial exercises, just as everyone accepts physical exercise is good to your bodily health.

I'm glad I gave facial exercises a shot. I highly recommend you do too.

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