Natural Cheek Filler Exercise

Do you have a gaunt look and hollow cheeks? Don't reach for the artificial cheek fillers yet. Give facial exercises a chance first.

There is a special facial exercise that works as a cheek filler. It is free and it is easy to learn. You can actually learn it here today and expect to see some results in 4-6 weeks.

Not Sure Facial Exercises Work?

That is understandable. I didn't believe either, when I first heard of them. I invite you to read my article 5 Reasons Why Facial Exercise Works.

To learn more about how I got rid of my fear of aging with facial exercises, read My Story.

Presenting - The Face Firmer

The Face Firmer exercise is an addition to Carolyn's Facial Fitness program - specifically designed to address hollow cheeks. As facial exercises lift up our features and tone our look, cheek hollows may appear - and this exercises works as a cheek filler to solve that problem. So it is a very important exercise.

Now, in general, doing facial exercises for one trouble spot only is a bad idea. Doing that may lead to an unbalanced face that does not look attractive. So don't get excited after this exercise works for you and rush on to try several random exercises.

This facial exercise makes an exception to the no-spot-training rule. Why? Because this exercise was made specificly to be used in the rest-days of a facial exercise routine. It was designed to be used on its own. The Face Firmer was not in the original facial exercise routine, but added later to fix the hollow cheeks problem.

The Face Firmer is the only facial exercise in Carolyn's Facial Fitness program that can be performed more often, up to two times per day. All the other facial exercises are performed only 3-5 times per week. You should always evaluate the situation yourself and rather do too little than too much.

This exercise works best when used as a part of the original routine that it belongs to. However, as it is a very mild but effective exercise, I strongly believe you can benefit from it even if you are not following a full facial exercise routine.

That said, I have only used it as a part of a complete facial exercise routine myself - so no guarantees here. On the other hand, this exercise is free. If you find out that it doesn't work for you because you are not following the full routine, you only lose some time.

How To Prepare For Facial Exercise

I plan to write a whole article on how to prepare for facial exercises, but until then, here are the most important things to remember:

  • Never strecth the skin with your hands
  • Always wash your hands before you exercise
  • Only massage or slide your fingers over the skin when the muscles are contracted. Remember, we don't want to stretch the skin
  • You may use moisturizer to make sure you are not streching the skin, but in general this is not necessary
  • Start gently and don't use too much force

The Face Firmer - A Natural Cheek Filler

The Face Firmer is a cheek filler exercise created by Carolyn Cleaves, the inventor of Carolyn's Facial Fitness. It helps you get rid of hollow cheeks, but it also firms up your face while maintaining elegant and balanced build.

This facial exercise is part of Carolyn's Facial Fitness program and to get optimal results, Carolyn recommends performing it with the other exercises in that program.

Below are the instructions Carolyn gives in her web site for performing this cheek filler exercise.

The Face Firmer" is designed to be performed with the 28 foundational exercises from the CFF™ DVD.

Reminder - Only “massage” the face when the muscles are contracted!

How to perform Face Firmer:

  • Open your mouth as wide as comfortable while at the same time, curling your lips up and over your upper and bottom teeth.
  • Smile with the corners of your mouth.
  • To start, place the heel of each hand on each side of the chin along the jaw line.
  • You are pressing down with the heel of each hand and making rapid circles - both clockwise and counter-clockwise are okay - and you are NOT sliding across the skin.
  • Follow the Face Firmer video clip to learn the correct handholds for learning each step and proper form of the Face Firmer routine.
  • Always perform the Face Firmer routine every time you perform the 28 foundational exercises ensuring the build stays balanced and even.

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