5 Reasons Why Facial Exercise Works

Even if you are a proponent of facial exercise, the information in this article may come as a surprise to you. It may be complete opposite of what the creator of your favorite program has told you.

Don't blame her! She is doing her best. I think her time is best used in studying and mastering the exercises themselves than the physiology behind them.

She already knows they work, even if she don't know the exact reasons. How could she - there are no scientific studies on effects of facial exercise on aging. What scientists currently know is that it is effective for facial palsy and other extreme conditions, but that's about it.

If you are still unsure if it will work at all, please read either Do Facial Exercises Work? or My Story.

This article gives you an overview of the reasons why it works, taking into account the latest scientific findings. Still, this too remains a theory.

Facial Exercise Helps You To:

  • Lengthen and relax facial muscles
  • Increase muscle awareness
  • Enhance nutrient flow to facial tissues
  • Activate defences against free radicals
  • Decrease levels of stress hormones

Lengthen and Relax Facial Muscles

The main reason why facial exercise works is that it lengthens and relaxes the facial muscles. Yes, stretching and relaxing gives you the results, not toning and building.

Some programs use term "Face Yoga" - and I agree that is a more describing name!

This misunderstanding has lead most experts to oppose facial exercises. They are happy to point out that your facial muscles get a full workout every time you speak or eat. They'll also tell you that most facial muscles are small flat muscles with little opportunity to growth. Thus - face yoga just cannot work.

But they all agree stretched ligaments causes sagging and tense facial muscles causes wrinkles.

You can fight both of those problems. Relax The Face Muscles explains this in more detail.

Increase Muscle Awareness

Repeated Expressions Cause Wrinkles

The medical experts agree that constantly repeated expressions and muscle tension are factors that cause wrinkles.

You may have "bad habits" in your facial expressions. You may routinely squint your eyes, contract your brows or purse your lips - even if the expression would not require it.

As time goes by, your muscles become conditioned to those repeated movements and start to anticipate them. You'll do them more easily and more often. Worse, constant tension in your facial muscles makes it physically easier to repeat the movements you are accustomed to.

Facial Exercise Can Help

Facial exercise increases your awareness of your facial muscles.

The tension in your over-used facial muscles decreases. You'll be less likely to contract those muscles by habit. You'll also gain more control over your facial muscles. You'll become more aware of how you use them and how tense they are.

You'll start to notice your bad habits - making it possible to correct them.

You'll soon be able to wean yourself from using your muscles in a way that causes the wrinkles to form. You'll learn how to smile without tensing the muscles around your eyes and how to concentrate without frowning. Your expressions become relaxed and more beautiful.

Read more on how to Get Rid of Wrinkles by Controlling Your Facial Expressions.

Enhance Nutrient Flow To Facial Tissues

There a two major factors that cause the aging changes in our skin:

  1. The sun
  2. Loss of nutrition supply

While facial exercises cannot hide you from the sun, they can increase the supply of nutritions to your facial tissues. The more nutrients your skin tissue gets, the better it regenerates and heals its damage.

As you age, your skin loses its elasticity. This happens because the amount and type/quality of elastin and collagen in your skin decreases. And that happens because your tissues don't regenerate effectively.

You Can Heal Yourself - Just Feed Your Skin

Your skin is a living tissue, with a capability to regenerate and heal itself. The elastic fibers in your skin are not like the elastic band in your panties (even though some "experts" would claim so).

The degration in regeneration that happens as you age is only partially out of our control.

We can affect it a lot.

The amount of nutrients available is one of the controlling factors that we can change with face yoga and a good diet.

You cannot feed your deep skin tissue from outside. But you can feed it from inside. New elastic fibers can be created, new collagen can be synthesized.

Facial exercise works similarly than regular exercise and massage. It increases the lymphatic circulation as well as blood circulation.

Activates Defenses Against Free Radicals

Facial exercise stresses and damages the facial tissues and activates its natural defenses against free radicals. The same thing happens with regular exercise and mostly affects the generation of enzymatic antioxidants.

Getting benefits by damaging your tissues may sound harsh, but that's how all exercise and stretching works. You'll get the benefits as tissues regenerate to heal their damage and prepare for more.

Certain cosmetic operations like chemical peels and Laser Skin Resurfacing also damage your skin to "stimulate your skin's natural rejuvenation processes". But the effect is slightly different as different skin layer is affected.

Decrease Levels of Stress Hormones

High levels of stress hormones, especially cortisol, cause accelerated aging if they stay elevated for prolonged periods.

Anything that makes you slow down and relax for a moment will make you more healthy.

Done well, facial exercise is as relaxing as yoga.

You'll notice your pulse slow down and you'll feel fresh and relaxed afterwards.

While this is not the biggest benefit of exercising, everything adds up.

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