Do Facial Exercises Work?

"Do facial exercises work?" is the first question most people ask when introduced to facial exercises. The thought that we could look younger by doing facial exercises just sounds too good to be true. That is a normal reaction. I had serious doubts too before I tried facial exercises myself.

You may have already researched the topic and found conflicting information. What is the truth, do facial exercises work?

It Depends On Who You Ask

The creators of facial exercise programs say:

"Yes, facial exercises do work. I've done them for 15 years, see how young I look!"

On the other hand, Dermatologists and doctors say:

"On the light of the studies there is no proof that facial exercises could work. Just eat an apple per day and your facial muscles get all the excersise they need".

Both parties are highly biased. Doctors would love to earn money by performing facial surgeries and selling expensive prescription treatments. Likewise, creators of facial exercises would love to earn money by selling their facial exercise programs.

What Studies Say

If you try searching PubMed or other reliable sources for studies on the subject, you'll find very little information.

There are some studies of facial exercises, but they test if facial exercises can be used as a therapy to recover from facial palsy or other extreme conditions. Those studies show that facial exercises are effective, but they don't give any insight on whether facial exercises make you look younger or not.

There are also plenty of studies on elastic fibers, collagen and other important bits and pieces that affect aging - but those studies don't really tell much about facial exercises either, as there is no single accepted theory to debunk.

For that reason, medical professional who are not biased tend to either stay neutral or point out that the evidence is missing. The current theories on how facial exercises work have not been confirmed by scientific studies. Some of them have even been proven wrong. But how exactly facial exercises work and what causes the improvements in your appearance is a whole another topic. Today we are here to just to find out if facial exercises work or not.

When a medical professional says that "evidence is missing" that means "I don't know". So, is there no way to know?

Ask From People With Real Experience

People who have tried facial exercises know the answer first hand. You'll get unbiased and practical information for free. So let's go to them and ask: "Do facial exercises work?"

We don't have to work hard to find these people. You can find them right here in the internet, in discussion forums.

So what do they say?

Yes, Facial Exercises Do Work!

If you go to discussion forums, you'll soon find out that real people with experiences on facial exercises think that facial exercises really work. You'll find a full range of experiences, but most of the experiences are very positive.

You do find negative comments on facial exercises too, but most of them don't complain that the facial exercises wouldn't work.

Instead, they complain that facial exercises are too effective. Those comments are often written by young people around thirty who have chosen an agressive facial exercise program and ended up bulking their facial muscles too much. That will deepen the nasolabial folds (from your nose to the corner of your mouth) and that does not look attractive.

Not All Facial Exercise Programs Give You The Wanted Results

This is probably the reason why this whole issue is debated at all! If people were using only effective facial exercise programs, there would be no doubt.

Some facial exercise sites are real scams. They take before and after pictures from other programs and even other procedures and claim them as their own. This is really sad, but you should be aware that this happens. If you want more information on this, you ought to read how Nonie exposes a scam facial exercise site in Essential Day Spa Forums.

Some facial exercise programs don't have much effect. They may make you look more fresh, but they don't remove wrinkles or shape your face.

Some facial exercise programs are not complete, meaning that they don't work all the necessary facial muscles and the results are unbalanced.

And then there are some absolutely wonderful programs that really work and give you a look that is fresh and balanced. A good facial exercise program can indeed lift the jowls, open your eyes and smooth away wrinkles. You'll look much like you did when you were younger.

The Conclusion

The dermatologists and doctors are reserved about facial exercises because at the moment there is no confirmed theory about the working mechanisms of facial exercises. But the vast experience of the people who have tried them first hand think that they are very effective. And definitely facial exercises work for me.

My advice to you is try it for yourself and see what results you can achieve. Just be very careful when selecting your facial exercise program.

You cannot do any permanent damage with most of the programs, especially if you start gently and carefully. Still, if you choose a poor program you'll lose time and money. Worse, you might not get those results that you want.

When I was searching for a perfect facial program for myself, it was Nonie's story that made me do the final decision to purchase. You can find it in Carolyn's Success Stories Page. Nonie is a real person like myself and she has written to several discussion forums about her experiences too. She is so beautiful now!

So go around a little, look at the before and after pictures from several programs and judge them yourself. See if people look more attractive in after pictures than in before pictures and what changes are most prominent with each program.

Choose the right facial exercise program and your life will change!