Learn To
Control Your Facial Expressions
and Get Rid Of Wrinkles

To get rid of wrinkles by learning to control your facial expressions is simple and it is fun.

A fine facial control is a must have skill for actors and performing artists. But for the rest of us - we just do it for the looks. We all want to look attractive, right?

Most Of Us Don't Have Enough Facial Control

We may think we have good control over our facial expressions, but most of us don't. If you are an actor and the director asks you fine-tune the strength of your facial expressions, you can probably do that. But can you express the same emotion with facial expressions that look completely different?

You'd do that by using the main facial muscles needed for that expression and then adding in some others muscles that make the expression interesting and unique. You can read more from article Facial Expressions - How Many Muscles Are Needed?

The truth is, most of us don't need perfect control of facial expressions in our daily work. But what may come as a surprise to you is that learning to control your expressions is an excellent way to get rid of wrinkles.

I'm not an actor, yet getting rid of wrinkles has been a powerful enough reason for me to spend time learning to control my facial muscles in detail. Plus, when you get started it is actually great fun.

Your Over-Expressive Friend

Have you ever had a friend with an overly expressive face? She is the one who cannot say anything without pursing her lips, frowning or wrinkling her forehead. So, you'll sit in a cafe discussing with her, but you are not really following the discussion.

Instead, you are fascinated by the dance of the muscles and skin on her face.

She is the same person who has horrible wrinkles and she has tried everything to get rid of them.

She is just telling you how she went to the cosmetologist and asked help for the wrinkles. The cosmetologist just said: "You have such an expressive face. You are doomed to get wrinkled early. There is nothing I can do". And she goes on telling you what expensive diamond-peelings and other operations she had done to at least make her skin look better. But she did not get rid of wrinkles.

She knows her expressions are to blaim, but she cannot help them.

She has tried the stupid, but overly popular trick of putting a tape on her forehead. Now she knows she keeps wrinkling her forehead a lot, but she doesn't know what to do about it. Just trying to not wrinkle doesn't seem to work. You see, she does not wrinkle her face on purpose, it is accidental, semi-autonomical almost.

I should confess now. That used to be me. I also often looked funny in photographs, since I was the one having some strange face on.

Strong Expressions Don't Equal Good Control

You might think that exeggerated expressions require good control over facial muscles. I can tell you, they do not. They just require few strong muscles and a lot of repetition.

If you are over-expressive yourself, you'll need to learn how to control your expressions. To get rid of wrinkles, you'll need to learn how to tone them down.

When I started doing facial exercises, I noticed certain of my facial muscles were really weak. I could not do all the exercises - I just could not move those muscles at all! For some exercises, I could move the muscles, but not separately. There were a bunch of other muscles that decided to move too. Some I could move, but I was too weak to perform necessary repetitions and had to build them up during a longer time.

If you are interested, your can read the full story how I found facial exercises and learned how to get rid of wrinkles.

How Much Control Do You Have?

  • Can you look up without wrinkling your forehead?
  • If yes, can you rise up your brows without wrinkling your forehead?
  • Now try that again, but with one eyebrow only? (I can't do that)
  • Can you tense your lower eyelid only?
  • Can you move your scalp?
  • Can you wiggle your ears?
  • How about quickly flaring your nostrils like a bunny?

How You Learn To Control Facial Expressions

You can practise difference expressions in front of a mirror and that will get you pretty far.

But to gain a full and detailed control over your facial muscles, you should try facial exercises. They will make you more conscious of the muscles that you have in your face and you'll learn to control them separately.

While the control could be learned to some degree with a mirror only, facial exercises release the tension and restore the optimal lengths of facial muscles. That means you don't have to pull against stuck, shortened muscles and you'll be able to create the facial expressions you need more easily. That is also the key to get rid of wrinkles.

What's Up With The Wrinkles?

It is a known fact that one of the main reasons why wrinkles form are repetitive expressions. You wrinkle your skin using a similar pattern over and over again. With time, the wrinkles become "etched" to you skin like scars.

The effect is nicely demonstrated with Botox. Botox is not a filler like for example Restylane is. Botox works by paralyzing the muscle it is injected into. The muscle relaxes and the wrinkles get released. Moreover, you lose control of that muscle, so you cannot perform your favorite wrinkle-creating expressions anymore.

When you learn to control your facial muscles, you'll know when you move them and can relax them at will. Dandy!

If you are an over-expressive person like me, you'll start to notice when you use your muscles. As they are no longer constantly tense, you are not as prone to contract them as before. Then you can start working on your daily expressions, stripping away those extra moves. Nowadays I wrinkle my forehead when I am surprised or sad - not along with every other expression like I used to.

That is the reason facial exercises really work to get rid of wrinkles.

You will not wear your face flack all the time so the effect is not quite as fast and effective than with Botox. On the other hand, you'll remain in control of your muscles and keep your expressivity.

I think this is best of both worlds. You'll get rid of wrinkles without losing control of your facial muscles.

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