My Story - How Facial Exercises
Removed The Fear From Aging

Hi, I'm Jaana Kulmala, creator of this website. My goal is to help you regain your confidence about how you look.

I have been there myself, thinking that the best years are behind me. Until I found facial exercises.

The photo on the right shows how I looked after following Carolyn's Facial Fitness for 2 years. I am approaching 36 in this picture.

What is not visible in the picture is how different my skin feels now. It has most of its elasticity back.

This my story of how I reversed my skin problems and regained my confidence that I will be aging gracefully.

Me after facial exercises at age of 35

My Accelerated Aging

I recall always having an atopic skin. My condition was mild, but I had atopic dermatitis every now and then. After becoming red, the irritated area would dry up, crack and then bleed if not treated.

As years passed, I could see that my facial skin was aging rapidly. I always had a prescription cortisone cream at home to treat myself and it changed my skin. My eyelids became thin and wrinkled. They changed their color too.

You can see the color change in this old photo where I show off some mild eczema on my neck. My skin was like parchment!

Even though not visible in these pictures, I started prematurely getting small slight wrinkles and my skin was dry all the time. Worse yet, I seemed to get atopic reaction from most of the facial creams and sun lotions.

Fortunately I did find mineral makeup that I was able to use to hide some of the discoloration and rashes.

Me showing off atopic skin at age of 33

Age 33 - before facial exercises

Anti-inflammatory Diet

A good diet can reduce the inflammation and push atopic dermatitis into remission. I cleared my skin of atopic dermatitis with an anti-inflammatory diet. Sadly, I later run into health problems and gained over 50 pounds. My diet keeps my skin clean and inflammation at bay, and I'm slowly losing the extra pounds now.

Before Facial Exercises

My skin was clear, but the damage had already happened. I still had discoloring around my eyes and my facial skin had very little flexibility.

On top of that, my face was getting more and more asymmetric and my features were already sliding down.

Here is my official before-facial-exercises photo.

Me before facial exercises at age of 34

At 34 - before facial exercises

Discovering Facial Exercises

A friend recommended me facial exercises in 2010. At first I did not believe her. But I kept coming back to the idea that maybe, just maybe, I could do something to look younger.

I was so sceptical at the time! I really did not expect to heal the damage already happened - I would have been happy to just prevent it getting worse.

I started by buying a facial exercise book from my local Pilates studio. The exercise program was a chore and the effect was tiny, but I could see my skin getting a bit healthier.

So I wanted more - I wanted an efficient facial exercise program. I spent months reading about different facial exercise programs. I went to the forums, looked for before-and-after photos and compared the programs. I eventually purchased Carolyn's Facial Fitness.

The initial results from Carolyn's Facial Fitness made me stick to the program and the facial exercises soon became a part of my beauty routine.

"I Feel More Attractive Than 10 Years Ago"

I have now been following Carolyn's Facial Fitness for 2½ years and I'm extremely happy with it.

My skin feels great and its still looking better day by day. This program does not prevent aging, but I feel that I'm now aging more gracefully and slower.

It is not a magic cure - it does take time to see improvement and you are required to make and effort to perform the exercises.

Of course, sometimes I am lazy and I go off the program for a while. But then I see the signs of aging creep back to my face and I get right back on the program.

I've gained back my confidence and today I feel just as attractive as I felt 10 years ago. Better yet, I know I'll age gracefully and I'm happy with my life, enjoying each day to the fullest.

As facial exercises have changed my life, I wish as many people as possible find them and enjoy them.

Me after facial exercises at age of 36

Approaching 36 - 2½ years of facial exercise

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